Sports Massage Clinic

Who should participate? Any student participating in a sport…football, track, softball, soccer, weight lifting, tennis, golf, roller derby, mountain biking, swimmers, cheerleaders, dance team, etc. ESPECIALLY, if your athlete participates in multiple sports.

What will happen at the sports massage clinic? Assessment, manual treatment, kinesiology tape to support tissue, decrease pain and/or reduce swelling

When? Every Wednesday 3:00-6:00 PM beginning June 6, 2018

Where? Cup and Stone Bodywork Center 1012 Main Street, Suite D, Benton, KY 42025 270-252-0979 Inside Palpation Prep – School of Massage below Puckett’s Fine Jewelry.

How much? $20.00 per session. Each session should last no longer than 15 minutes, depending on the issue.

Do I need to make an appointment for my athlete? No, this will be a drop in clinic. No appointment necessary between the hours of 4:00-6:00PM every Wednesday.

Why should my athlete attend the sports massage clinic? Ultimately you want your kids to play at their best. All too often, we ignore small issues with musculature and sometimes those small issues become large issues…especially when student athletes push themselves to compete…district, regionals, state, tournaments, training camps, etc. Massage therapy can help bridge the gap between a small problem, which may be quickly adjusted so your athlete can return to normal function, and pain pills or surgery.

What should the student wear? Please have your athlete wear workout attire. Compression shorts, ball shorts, t-shirt or tank top

This clinic will be in an open area where all of the athletes can learn from one another. Listening to the therapist talk and learning about the structure of tissue and how the musculature works may allow another athlete to avoid future problems.

Do I need to be present? My student has his/her license, comes with sibling/teammate, etc…If your student is in high school, you may allow them to attend without your presence by signing the MINOR RELEASE at the bottom of the health form. Parents are always welcome & encouraged to attend. Students in middle school or younger, must have a guardian present.

You make sure they have all the right equipment, watch their diet and how much water they get, worry about their electrolytes, take them to extra practices, extra workouts, drive to the ends of the world to play at tournaments that you pay an arm & a leg so your athlete can participate. There is probably some sort of brace in your kid’s bag that a doctor or trainer has told you to get just in case an old knee, shoulder, or ankle injury flares up causes pain. The soft tissues are there, you just didn’t know that there was anything more that could be done. Massage therapy should be in any athletes training regimen so they can get back to the game they love.

ALL STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE INTAKE FORM BEFORE TREATMENT Please print the intake below and bring it the first time your athlete attends.

Sports Massage Intake & Parental Consent